Hispanic Health & Beauty Web servers and forms on the Web gather your IP address to help diagnose problems with our service, to administer our site, and to gather broad demographic information.

Demographic information is only gathered in aggregated form and cannot be traced to any individual or user.

The Hispanic Health & Beauty Web site sets cookies to deliver content specific to your interests, to customize our Web site for you, and to save your password and member name so that you may not have to enter it each time you visit.

A cookie is a small line of data that is stored on your hard drive. Some cookies are only stored for the duration of a single browser session; others persist across sessions. We only save your password and member name if you tell us to do so; your password is stored on your computer and transferred over the Internet in an encrypted format. Keep in mind that anyone using your Web browser can access Hispanic Health & Beauty as you if you choose to store your member name and password.

The Hispanic Health & Beauty’s Web servers also set a session ID cookie that is used to allow our servers to deliver information you request (e.g., search results). Session IDs are not traceable to any individual person or member's name, and it will be analyzed only in aggregate form. Members who do not want to receive cookies can instruct their Web browsers to refuse them; be aware, however, that doing it so may prevent certain parts of the Hispanic Health & Beauty’s site from working (e.g., Listings, Informational Channels and when available Community Discussions Channels). Unless you have saved your member name, cookies are not useable for identifying individuals (your computer will be assigned a random number); Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine will not know who you are.

Membership on the Hispanic Health & Beauty's Web site is optional. Hispanic Health & Beauty’s registration form requires users to give contact information (for example, an e-mail address) and demographic information (e.g., zip code, age). On our registration form, required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

We use this information to send members information about Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine (e.g., an electronic newsletter); members may opt out from receiving this information. This information will allow a Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine member to tailor their experience by delivering content specific to his or her interests. Hispanic Health & Beauty will not rent names or e-mail addresses to any organization or individual.

Aggregated demographic information collected is for Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine's use only. This aggregated information is not traceable to any individual or user.

When purchasing products or services on Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine, credit card, billing, and shipping information may be required. This information is used to bill customers for goods and services purchased and to ship merchandise. Only billing vendors have access to financial information and only for billing customers.

At times Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine may refer customers to other Web sites to purchase products. Please refer to the individual privacy policies of those Web sites.

At times, Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine may run online surveys asking for specific contact or demographic information. These surveys are always optional.

Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine may share both the results of, and individual entries in, surveys with agencies or sponsors of the survey. Partners may receive results of surveys on an aggregate basis only.

Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine provides many venues for member interaction and community as part of the National Hispanic Digital Community, including Digital Community rooms and other tools. In some cases, use of such tools (e.g., digital community rooms) may reveal a user's member name or e-mail address.

Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine may share the results of polls on the web site. Specific policies govern the use of Hispanic Health & Beauty’s Digital Community rooms, and other community tools. Please refer to the Hispanic Health & Beauty’s Digital Community Guidelines and the Hispanic Health & Beauty Membership Agreement for those policies.

Users may have the ability to publish certain personal information (e.g., digital community profiles) as part of the Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine's service. In all cases, users create this information by opting in. Users who do not want this information to be publicly available should not use these optional features on Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine's Website.

Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine stores feedback members send to us. This feedback allows Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine to administer and refine the services we provide.

Agencies may receive Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine feedback in either aggregate form or with specific identifying characteristics (e.g., e-mail address, name and any personal information) are removed.

Our site provides users the opportunity to opt out from receiving communications from us at the point (form) where we request information about the visitor.

Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine provides external links to other websites. Hispanic Health & Beauty Magazine is not responsible for the privacy practices or content or other links or affiliations of these external and independent Websites.