The benefits of hot paraffin waxing

Using wax to remove body hair can be an easy way to keep you neat and trim while looking and feeling beautiful.


Wax can be used on virtually any part of your body where you wish to remove hair, such as the upper lip and face, arms and under arms, legs, and even your bikini area.


How hot paraffin waxing is done

Thoroughly wash and dry the area that is to be treated. Hot paraffin wax is put on the skin as a warm liquid wax and allowed to cool and harden. Once the treatment is complete, the wax is peeled off and the area is then ready for waxing. The heat from the paraffin wax is absorbed by the skin, increasing blood circulation, rejuvenating the skin and making it supple. Since it is heavy in molecular weight, it increases the blood supply to the area being treated and traps moisture from underlying layers of the skin, resulting in rejuvenated and nourished skin. Hot paraffin waxing is done in waxing salons but you can now do it at home with DIY kits.


Benefits of hot paraffin waxing

Hot paraffin waxing uses hot paraffin as part of the waxing procedure. Waxing is generally painful and using hot paraffin waxing procedure will reduce the pain, promote faster healing as well as effectively moisturize the skin. In dermatologic procedures, dryness of the skin causes an increase in skin sensitivity and without enough moisture in the skin, redness, itching and irritation has a high incidence. Hot paraffin waxing solves all these dilemmas because hot paraffin opens up the skin pores, let the moisture in and hold it there leaving the skin soft and hydrated and ready for the actual waxing procedure. (SOURCE: ArticlyCity)


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