Try the short hairstyle or medium

Is ideal for who do not want to spend so much time in daily hair care.




Yes, it is not easy to maintain those lovely, full curly locks if time is so consuming. Therefore, you can try some of the following techniques to keep your hair simple and elegant. Most importantly, use a shampoo which keeps your hair healthy and shiny. Avoid using those which leave your scalp itchy with dandruff, hair loss, dull, brittle with split ends. For conditioning solution, use a hair conditioner or softener after shampooing your hair to keep it soft and smooth, and easy to comb.


Once a week, apply hair masque all over your hair, avoiding the scalp, wrap it up with a shower cap or warm towel, leave the masque on for 20 minutes, rinse and towel dry after that. Use a hair dryer to dry your hair or just leave it to dry itself. Apply some hair cream or serum to keep hair moisturize.


Talking about straight hair, there are many styles of straight hair. You can try the U shape pattern, the V shape pattern, slightly layered at the sides, or just simple straight hair with some fringe in front.


Use a good shampoo and conditioner plus weekly hair masque to treat and repair your hair condition from exposure to changing weather.


You can tie up your hair for a change to look different. Try different kinds of pony tail, bun up, twist and clip. You may try to colour or highlight your hair to improve overall hairstyle.


If short hair matches your look, then it is great to stay with short hair. Try many short hair styles and you will not get bored. It is very easy to maintain, just trim the sides and back every few months to stay in shape. Shampoo, condition and treat your hair often. Try various kind of hair bands and clip to for extra style once in a while. You may try to colour or highlight few strands to stay cool and up to date.


You like curls? Try the easy ones, go for soft perm with latest technique. No need hair sprays or thick gels to stand your curls. Try soft perm at the hair ends, let your hairstylist know your requirements, so he or she will do something which you can still maintain your curls easily everyday without combing the ends. (SOURCE: PcQL)


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