Visit 9/11 Tribute Center in New York

Indescribable feeling when you stand on the site where 2,823 people died when the Twin Towers fell.


First of all, it is a super emotional visit that makes you relive the events of 11 September 2001. It will shudder when you see a wall full of messages of missing relatives and the wall of photographs of that day. Surely it will drop a tear because this museum manages to convey the desperation lived missing. Surely you will read messages from people like you and me who has left there, even if you are feeling inspired can leave your own message.

You can visit this place for all this and obviously to take pictures, but it is much more rewarding if you take the Walking Tour as a tour guide will share things that were not known.

My guide was a former employee of the North Twin Tower the day of the tragedy was on the lower floors and he was fortunate to evacuate the building just 5 minutes before it collapsed. He told us what to feel those moments and tried to describe what he saw around him and feel every emotion that recalls when he ran into on the stairs going up to firefighters rescue people. "There were dozens who came and went without knowing that they would not return alive," said our guide who offers his volunteer time to ensure that visitors have a personal connection. At the end we kept a minute of silence in memory of the fallen.

One of the things that most impresses are the two holes that are in the ground where the twin towers stood. These are two huge square pools of approximately 50 meters in diameter with a depth of about five meters to the water that falls all over the walls endlessly. In the center is a hole about five meters in diameter and which shows that all the water is filling the pool falls. The impressive thing is that it is the bottom of the hole where the water falls, as this represents eternity of souls who went on 11 September 2001. In fact the hole is only 15 meters deep, but not see the bottom from any angle.

When visiting Ground Zero, at 120 Liberty Place, you will find the Tribute Center conceived by Jennifer Adams and Lee Ielpi of the Association of Families of September 11, along with hard work and the link between the community of loved ones, survivors, residents, friends and rescue workers of the 9/11 tragedy. It is a memorial site that leads to a deeply moving experience. I recommend that you book your tickets online at TributeWTC.org and can afford the option combo that gives entrance to Tribute Museum, a guided walk and entrance to the 9/11 memorial.


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