"The Gossip Girl Sites Tour", the tour for teens

It was a unique experience in places where many moments of the famous TV series occurred.


My wife and I took this trip to accompany our daughter (almost 14 years) because it is a fan of the TV series, to learn from their perspective this experience that captivated my interest for the comments I read, if worth recommending to our readers. Well, in the words of my daughter and the girls who took the same trip: "It was exciting." The tour loved it. We visited a lot of locations where the series was filmed and gave us time to get off the bus and take pictures at the Metropolitan Museum, Empire Hotel, Dylans Candy Store, Bendils, etc.

The guide was informative and was well aware of the scenes of the series. I must say that for me were just interesting buildings that represent places you visit the New York upper class, but my daughter was different. "You do not know what it means to be in the place where they spent so many situations of the characters in the series," was his comment.

The adventure began near 5th Avenue and ended at Central Station, we did not expect it. The truth is that the organizers should be clear to start the tour because I left my car parked far away.

But it is a nice trip upstate New York's most exclusive fashion stores are. As the guide explained not known details of filming the series which they enjoy in ecstasy girls seek, projected on monitors bus Gossip Girl fragments. 'It makes you want to revisit the series back to say' I've been there, '"said my daughter.

I noticed that there are lots of fun visiting the places that these fans had seen many times on television. The guide was knowledgeable, helpful and fun and made unforgettable moments with the girls comments and trivia that most enthusiastically participated.

I saw my daughter and the girls loved every minute of the trip. Their faces lit up every visiting a place where the series was filmed. I only saw a couple of episodes of the series, but I did not feel too out of place, but I really enjoyed the tour. We saw many attractions that never knew existed.

It was fun. I loved the stops and the candy store. Very good way to spend three hours. The tour was great, very organized and enjoyable. A Gossip Girl fans will love, even if you are on the trip was having a good time because it is another interesting way to see New York.

When the end of the tour encouraged me to ask participants if they recommended this tour to fans of Gossip Girl, as if they had agreed they shouted with one voice: "Highly recommended."

For details, visit: Para detalles, visite: www.onlocationtours.com


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