The scoop on MiCrush: Q & A with the creators

By: Emily Franks

Last month we told you about a new location-based dating app for Latinos that just launched on Apple and Android devices. We wanted to know more so we chatted with creators, Natasha Nova and Sonya Kreizman of Crush Mobile to get you the scoop on “MiCrush” and how it could work for Latinos/as!

HHBM: What prompted the creation of this app? Personal experience or you saw a need in the Latino community?

N&S: We broke into mobile dating by creating a dating app for the Jewish community last January, JCrush. It was the first dating app of its kind for the Jewish community and it became popular very quickly. We saw it as a necessity that allows singles of similar backgrounds and interests to meet each other for serious dating. We spent time perfecting technology so we could release one for the Latino community. The Latino community needed and wanted this app and we are getting amazing feedback.

HHBM: How does this app differ from others such as Tinder, Hinge and OK Cupid besides the Latino demographic?

N&S: MiCrush offers a “Say Hola” feature (similar to “poking” on Facebook). You can message someone of interest without waiting for them to become a match with you. You can purchase these “holas” as an upgrade to have better chances of finding your match: 5 holas for $1.99, 10 holas for $2.99 or 25 for $4.99. Latinos can also search by roots instead of a general mass demographic. Users can date within their own community or choose their preference of other Latinos.

HHBM: What are your long term goals for this app?

N&S: We want to be the number 1 dating app for the Latino market. We want to be the best and we want to be the biggest. We have a good product and we will keep on improving it. We want to make sure people are meeting each other and that we are giving the community what they want

MiCrush has already reached up to 30k downloads by Latinos across the country and is continuing to gain popularity. If you are looking for dating prospects near you and if you want to take some control give it a try; however, keep in mind that in order for you to “say hola” to someone of your choice it will cost you some $.

Photos courtesy of Crush Mobile.





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