"The Ride", the perfect tour in New York

It is an experience on a bus that not only shows you Times Square but amuses you interactively.


It is common to hop on a tour bus in any city in the world to meet with the narration of a guide. But it is much more interesting and entertaining if that experience will also offer a show while known streets starring actors playing everyday activities ... and also New Yorkers who make guide are actor-comedians invite you to participate in the narrative You are commenting either singing or clapping.

That is what gives "The Ride" in New York City. A tourist bus with a concept that lasts 75 minutes full of interactive show in which two comedians are showing movement theater acts as a tap dancer, a mocking rapper, a ballet dancer, and where people own transiting the streets become part of the entertainment.

All this while enjoying the attractions of Midtown and Central Park, Grand Central Station, Bryant Park, the Chrysler Building, Times Square, the Empire State Building, Chrysler, all comfortably seated in stadium seating for up to 49 clients, with a view spectacular because the bus has huge glass windows from floor to ceiling, and even a high-tech hydraulic system that make you experience movement on the seat like he was in a simulator to experience simulated in the New York subway trip.

It is not surprising that "The Ride" has recently won the FIFTH TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award. It is no coincidence that last August have reached 400 thousand tourists who have enjoyed this service.

So if you are going to New York do not lost this successful experience because is something extraordinary in the literal sense, beyond the ordinary that makes the most of the natural emotion of the city of New York, its eclectic inhabitants and the electric atmosphere .

A big applause for the cast of technicians, street performers and actors involved in this guide atypical journey that makes the city streets are the scene of a show for your eyes only. Ahhh ... I forgot not forget to participate in the karaoke version of "New York, New York" because pedestrians they will listen and make them stop, look shocked and end up applauding. You know, expect the unexpected.





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