Mc’Donald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King or Subway?

Everyone knows that fast food is not the healthiest option, yet millions of people visit fast food restaurants everyday.


The average adult consumes about one million calories per year. The human body has evolved to be a highly efficient system, which is the reason why excessive caloric intake leads to weight gain. For example, if you were to eat just over 50 calories every day of your energy expenditure, you could expect to gain about five pounds of additional fat per year. This is equal to just five potato chips.

Everyone knows that fast food is not the healthiest option, yet millions of people visit fast food restaurants everyday. Although fast food is not the only way people get too many calories, it is a major contributor.


If you were to go to Wendy's and order a Classic Single Burger Value Meal, you will probably meet half of your allotted calories for a single day, given you were an average adult on a 2000-calorie diet. One Classic Single, with all the fixings, has about 410 calories, a Biggie fry has about 470 calories, and a 22-fl. oz regular soda has about 277 calories, for a whopping total of 1157 calories. Now if you were to Biggie Size that order, the total calories would increase to about 1383 calories.

Burger King

Burger King burger's are flame broiled so does that make them healthier? Not exactly. A BK Whopper with cheese contains about 850 calories. If you ordered the Value Meal, which includes a large fry and 22 fl. oz soda, your meal total has been raised to 1630 calories. King-sizing that meal would bring the calorie total to about 1850. Going for chicken instead of beef is a healthy alternative. Yet, one chicken whopper at BK still has about 580 calories. If you add a fry and regular soda to that, you can see that you have turned that healthier option into a not-so healthy one. You can imagine the effect King-sizing this meal.


Subway has been marketing itself as a healthy alternative to other fast food chains. What they fail to tell you in the commercials, or mention in small print, is that you cannot have a regular soda, extra condiments (i.e. cheese or mayo), or a 12" sub to consider it a low-fat or low-calorie meal. One 12" roasted chicken breast sub has about 622 calories, without cheese or mayo. Without chips, if you added a medium 22 fl. oz regular soda to that meal, it has just been increased to 900 calories. Even worse is the signature Subway 12" meatball sub, which has about 1000 calories.


Entering these places when extremely hungry may prompt you to order a supersized value meal, along with a dessert or two. When you crave a McDonald's French fry, go eat some fruit or have a baked potato instead. (SOURCE: NAFWA)





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