Don’t stop… Get moving!

Some people can lose weight by themselves, but most should seek help from a healthcare provider.

ANN HARBOR.--- What type of exercise program is best for you, according specialist of Michigan University. Your provider will recommend the right kinds of exercise for you. Your provider may also refer you to a dietitian to plan your diet. A dietitian can teach you how to make healthier food choices and prepare meal plans that fit your specific diet needs. The goal of most diet and exercise plans is to help you lose 1 to 2 pounds a week.

• Walk every day.

• Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

• Do errands on foot, if possible. If you need to drive, park farther away and walk to your destination.

• Go to a spa, gym, or exercise class.

• Do some form of strength training.

As you begin to exercise more, keep the following guidelines in mind:

• Your goal is to begin a routine of physical activity that can become an enjoyable part of your life.

• Choose activities you enjoy, can afford, and can fit into your schedule.

• Use a chart that shows how many calories are burned in different physical activities to get ideas for types of exercise.

• Consider bicycling, walking briskly, or exercising at home with videotapes if you don't like sports or gyms.

• Build up slowly to a level of activity that makes you breathe more heavily, increases your heart rate, and makes you sweat.

• Do not do so much that you strain your muscles or feel dizzy or nauseated.

• Build up to exercising at least 30 minutes a day, most days of the week.

• Do warm-up exercises or gentle stretches before exercising. Do cool-down exercises afterward.

• Wear proper shoes and loose-fitting clothing.

• Drink extra water or sports drinks.

• Avoid setting your expectations too high. Start out slowly and build your stamina gradually.

• Find a friend to exercise with.

• Avoid being competitive. Try to improve on your last effort instead of comparing yourself with someone else.

• Remember that exercise needs to be continued throughout your life. Don't try to be too intense. Enjoy getting healthy. Have fun.





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